What’s Local Search?

Both Google and Bing have indicated that over 20% of all desktop searches are looking for a local product or service. In addition, over 50% of consumer searches on mobile phones and tablets are looking a “brick & mortar” business location in their area. These percentages will only increase in the coming years.

Research also shows that when considering a consumer purchase, 41% will search for it using a mobile device, and 35% will try to find it on their laptop/PC. In contrast, about 5% of consumers will pick up the phone and call a local business directly for more information.

As a local business, your first priority is to get control of your own business listings. Do a search for your business name on Google and see what comes up.

Ask yourself: Is it easy to find accurate information about your business? Check for errors, check to see if you’re on the map, is your business location in the right place? Need some help? Get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

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