Internet Marketing Consulting For Small Business

It takes a specialized marketing consultant that specializes in SEO for local business to achieve real results. Rather than chase Google’s algorithm of the day, I offer a cohesive, comprehensive online marketing strategy that will make your website work for your business.

A Good Marketing Strategy Gets Leads

Since 2008, the major search engines, including Google, have displayed localized search results based on geographic areas. Since 2012, all the rules for local search results have changed.

Local results are now presented by Google in a completely different way than non-location specific businesses. In fact, local search results are now called “Places” and must be managed according to specific criteria.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Search engines are smarter than they used to be. There are no “tricks” that will give you high rankings, but 85% of all clicks come from organic (non–paid) search results and a successful business usually receives about 80% of their site visitors from organic sources.

Google and other search engines make changes to their search algorithms regularly, and it takes a professional consultant propel your site forward. Search engine optimization, therefore, involves a relatively high investment that has the potential to reap a multitude of benefits.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Do you ever wonder where the text ads in a Google search comes from? These are low cost paid ads that is determined by a semi-transparent, auction-style bidding process with adjustments based on ad quality and keyword search.

In 2014, about 10-12% of all clicks on search engine results are from these ads. Though not a huge percentage, this is targeted marketing at its best. Your ad is displayed to the user only when your market niche is searched for.

Pay-per-click campaigns can be highly effective when done creatively. I also offer assistance in creating a campaign of your own. Currently, many of my clients’ campaigns are self-propelling or, in other words, generate enough revenue to pay for continued spending. What’s the best part of pay-per-click? If it doesn’t work, you can switch the keywords or turn it off altogether without worrying about the investment.

The Importance of Local Search Optimization

All major search engines, including Google, now display a new interface on the top of the search results pages for locally targeted keywords and phrases. An example: “Donuts in New York, OR.” This new interface features a map and a combination of listings to reflect the search in addition to other listings for the same search without geographic modifiers. These results are known in the industry as the “local 3-pack” or the “local 7-pack.”

Did you know that over 40% of all searches are done by people looking locally for products or services? Local searches are the hottest segment in an already booming industry. It takes a search marketing strategy to take advantage of these changes; it also yields the highest ROI in the marketing and advertising industry of up to 500%


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